Flesh Electric Tattoo

San Antonio Tattoo Studio

We’re located at – 2110 McCullough, San Antonio, TX 78212

Email us if you have question – 210-314-5685

Each time tattooing is performed the client ( and, if applicable, the parent or guardian) shall receive oral and written instructions on the care of the area tattooed.

Please follow these after care instructions:

* Properly cleanse the tattooed area. (Use warm water and antibacterial soap.)
* Apply antibiotic ointment or cream. (Unscented lotion for 2 weeks.)
* For at least 2 weeks, minimize exposure to the sun, discourage swimming. (No soaking.)
* Use sterile bandage(s) or other sterile dressing(s) when necessary.
* The client shall consult a health care practitioner at the first sign of infection or allergic reaction, and report any diagnosed infection, allergic reaction, or adverse reaction resulting from the tattoo to the artist and to the Texas Department of State Health Services, Drugs and Medical Devices Group, at 1-888-839-6676.

Please contact your artist if you have a problem. We are here to help you with the healing process, thank you.