San Antonio Tattoo Shop

Flesh Electric was established in 2009 and continues to be one of the highest quality tattoo company’s in the South Texas region. Recently voted 3rd best in the San Antonio area, Flesh Electric Tattoo practices the safest and most accurate sterilization processes and is licensed by the state of Texas.  We specialize but are not limited to traditional, Japanese, black and grey, Sailor Jerry, cover ups, portraits, script, and color realism tattoo styles.  With over 35 years in combined experience, flesh electric tattoo backs all of its work 100 percent.  We gladly accept credit cards, cash, walk ins and appointments.

“I’ve had a few tattoos done at Flesh Electric & I was more than satisfied every time I went. I still get compliments on a daily basis! They’re very professional and clean of course! Jake is real down to earth & does amazing work. He makes sure you’re gonna love your tattoo. I just recently got work done by Javier and he was also very good, he made me feel comfortable the whole time and doesn’t have a heavy hand which is awesome because I bruise easily. Overall Flesh Electric is a place I can trust for badass work, I’ll definitely keep recommending!” -Patricia Urdiales

“I met these guys about two years ago and let me tell you, I won’t go anywhere else. Between the original art of their designs to the thought they put into it, I’ve been back time and time again. All three of my pieces turned out perfect because my artist took his time thinking about my idea and making it better. The place and equipment is very sterile and that’s coming from a nurse. I would recommend anyone to this shop if they want real authentic art versus something you’ll regret in the future.” -Anonymous

“Jake, the shop owner, is one of the most knowledgeable and skilled tattoo artists I’ve met, as well as the entire Flesh Electric staff. Out of the various artists that are located throughout San Antonio, I felt most comfortable with his shop. The shop itself is a neat and well kept environment. The working environment really gave me a good first impression of the staff. It is welcoming, the equipment is sterile and the shop has an overall appearance of cleanliness. Jake’s work is art, plain and simple. He listens and values what his customers want and with his talent he delivers. What I admire most about his work is his skill and attention to detail. He makes the tattoo experience comfortable and enjoyable. Thank you Flesh Electric!! Looking forward to conducting business with you in the near future!!” -Mazzy Star

“The dudes in this shop are awesome at what they do. I have been to several tattoo shops where they’re playing xbox and messing around, these guys stay busy and draw and make themselves better artists. I have a couple big tattoos from some of there artist including a full sleeve I’m working on and I get compliments on a daily basis and I would refer anyone to these guys they do kick ass work, the environment is super clean and sterile and its the only place I’ll go to get work done from now on.” John Gutierrez

“Jake is the only tattoo artist I have let work on me in the last three years, and he is the only one that will ever work on me again. Thanks Jake for offering a sterile yet welcoming shop. I am really happy to have met you. I send all of my friends and family to Flesh Electric, and they do the same.” -Brenda Petergal

“Flesh Electric is the best in town!!! I got a cover up done and Jake did an amazing job, left me speechless. I can’t wait to go back and finish up my arm!” -Crystal Castillo

“Gents were outstanding, well mannered, and treated me with respect. Overall, outstanding and will return again. Thanks guys!” -Jason Manning Corey Monson

“Real artists not posers” -Keith Hertell

“I got my very first tattoo there and my artist did a fantastic job! All the artists do amazing work. The shop is clean and inviting and I’m going back for another!” -Anonymous

“This is shop is the best in town! Jake is such a great guy and made me feel so comfortable while under the needle. His work is extraordinary and I would recommend him to anyone! The shop is well kept and very clean. Go to FLESH ELECTRIC!”  -Brandi

“I’ve been going to Flesh Electric since June of 2009, and have never been disappointed. The whole crew does excellent custom tattoos and work with the customer to find the perfect balance.” -Anonymous

“I went to Flesh Electric for Father’s Day for a fairly simple tattoo. Needless to say, I will be coming back for more work. I actually met one of the artists at a previous shop. Knowing he worked there compelled me to stop by. All I wanted was a script name…the artist re-drew it twice to make sure it was to my liking. Let’s just say…HE KILLED IT! The shop is bright and clean with a lot of art/flash/antique flash on the walls. The chairs are comfortable and the portfolios are readily available. If you want something custom, these guys can help you out. Stop by, check ’em out, get some ink. You won’t be disappointed.” – Nolen O.